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re-volt Team

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We are a senior design team of 15 students at Colorado School of Mines, working to convert a beloved 1979 Volkswagen Bus from gas to electric power.


Cesar Chacon


Colorado born and raised but I don't spend a lot of time in the mountains. I prefer staying in and working on building computers or tinkering with anything to do with electricity.

Mason Elliott

Childhood roots spread across the Northeast, South, Midwest, and the Rockies. Now happily living in Colorado, enjoying the outdoors, and seeking new travels. If you want to know more, come find me or follow my photo trail @m_riggan_e (Instagram).


Dylan Greenman


I build rock crawlers and racecars. Owner of DGfabworks drift car fabrications. I've kicked Loren (who's kicked a shark).

Tim Helmer


Originating from the frozen north, I'm a guy who spends my spare time wrenching on my old jeep, cuddling my red heeler, Dobie, or designing my tiny house. Luckily, while working towards my bachelor's in electrical engineering, I have the opportunity to work on the Re-Volt project with the other astounding people on the team and realize a long time dream.

Evie Oglesby


Born in St. Louis, MO, I am a big fan of the Blues and Cardinals and enjoy everything midwestern. At Mines, I am involved in both club sports and Greek life. I started playing rugby when I was a freshman here and it has turned into one of my biggest passions. I am also a part of Kappa Alpha Theta on campus.

Garrett Shirley


Colorado born and raised, I grew up with the mountains only an hour away and the middle of nowhere 30 minutes away. My career goals are to find a job working with embedded systems somewhere in the EU and become an ex-pat. Hobbies include but not limited to: playing the saxophone (over 10 years), amateur rocketry, camping.

Alex Vogel


I grew up in the Kansas 2.0 part of CO. If it has wheels, I want to play with it. You can probably find me in the garage with parts and tools laying all around.


Layton Blankenship

I was born in Boulder and raised in a small Southern Colorado town called Crestone. Engineering was a clear path for me after I saw my first stock engineering photos on google-hardhats and blueprints. If I’m not studying, I’m rock climbing or playing in the mountains. My top three favorite vegetables are spinach, broccoli, and green beans.

B7S_1292_DxO (1).jpg

Photo by Alex Vogel


Gracie Cole

Just your average, thawed-out Antarctican earning my second bachelor's, fueled by (very) dirty chai lattes and an astoundingly supportive husband who married into a tenacious VW Bus loyalty. When I'm not working on the Re-Volt project or doing homework, I'm either playing on the Mines lacrosse team, working on the Dream Chaser spacecraft cargo layout, coaching field hockey, forming run-on sentences, or jumping on a trampoline with my pack of malamutes and a husky, who happen to be *even more* opinionated than I am.

Luke Greenidge


As a Colorado native, I enjoy the basic Colorado activities. I also love working on cars, and tinkering with mechanical things. When I’m not doing things required for real life I enjoy spending time outdoors in the summer, and chilling with tea and a book in the winter.

Loren GriffEth


I like making stuff. I like to ride sideways on boards. I've got some good scars and I've kicked a shark.

Brandon Horgan


Born and raised in Colorado, I transferred to Mines from Red Rocks Community College. I currently work as a crane operator at Vestas Blades up in Brighton. I enjoy camping, fishing, snowboarding, and spending time at home with my wife, my three dogs, and my cat.


Max Porter


Vermonter all the way through. Looking to go into engineering somewhere snowy. I am very interested in every type of transportation from skateboards to snowcats. Specifically interested in electric vehicle conversions to improve reliability and convenience in beautiful classic cars.

Erin Smethers


Illinois native in search of a road tripping home base. I’ve ridden my bike from Portland, OR, to Portland, ME, but I think (electric) cars are a more practical mode of transportation. I spend my weekends volunteering at a horse rescue to avoid engineers but somehow end up making SolidWorks models of fences for the ranch. Taco connoisseur and coffee lover.

Andrew Wood


Born in Colorado, I dreamed of studying Aerospace and Automotive engineering for as long as I can remember. Now at Colorado School of Mines, I can continue pursuing this dream. I enjoy hiking, biking, and backpacking in the many mountains of Colorado. In the future, I hope to use the skills developed on the Re-Volt project to find and do an electric conversion on a 1960's VW Beetle.


Photo by Agata Bogucka

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